Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Today I am struck by a word.

 Last night my mama heart constricted tightly as my eldest lost not one, but both of his front teeth.  Ahh!  My baby is growing up.  Every time I look at his beautiful smile I am literally reminded of how quickly he is growing up and how I want to intentionally choose to be present in each moment. To be wholly present in order to fully enjoy all that each moment holds.

Immediately after the tooth incident I kissed all of my men good-bye and drove across town for a meeting.  Later that night when I came home I inquired about the rest of the evening. I was surprised to find out that Myles decided that he wanted to wait to put his teeth under his pillow for the tooth fairy to retrieve.  Puzzled by this I asked Eric why Myles did not want stash his teeth tonight.  "He wants to wait until we are all home and we can put them under his pillow TOGETHER."

TOGETHER.  What a profound word.  What a powerful word.  What a neglected word. I am reminded by my little man of the incredible simplicity and significance of being together.   I pray that I would be more mindful of my choices.  That I would put togetherness over productivity.  I would esteem togetherness with my family over the opinions of others.  That I would look for ways to allow togetherness to be inclusive.  May I be purposeful in my days so that when I look back I would smile as I reflect on being together.