Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Charlotte's Web Wisdom

I had another post all planned out.  I had even started writing it.  But then I overheard this quote and I was so struck with it's simple, profound wisdom that I just had to share it.

My Myles is absolutely addicted to audio books.  Now, when I use the word addicted I mean it quite literally.  As soon as he stumbles down the stairs in the morning he turns on his CD player with a story in it.  He has stories in the car.  He will listen to stories all day long.  We have made the rule that the stories must be paused while we eat, but he is a serious book worm.  And I love it!

Often the stories filling our home will be listened to over and over and over again.  Such has been the case this week with the beloved classic Charlotte's Web.

 Like most people I have read the book and seen the movie, but it had been sometime since doing either.  Tonight Myles was listening in the playroom which is right next to our kitchen.  I was filling the sink with soapy water when I was utterly astounded by what I heard.

I shut off the water, went into the playroom and rewound the CD to make sure that I had heard it correctly.  Sure enough I heard it again.

Charlotte has assured Wilbur that she will save him from the awful fate that awaits most pigs.  But Wilbur is scared.  He wants to know what her plan is.  She tells him that she doesn't have a plan yet, but she will.  But when, he wants to know.  How can I help he asks, his anxiety bursting with every phrase.  Charlotte, always calm and gentle speaks these profound words to Wilbur,

“Never hurry and never worry!”
The simple beauty and truth of these words so resonated with my heart.  How often I am Wilbur running around fretting and worrying.  I become riddled with anxiety, when what I really need to do is embrace the wisdom of the spider, "Never hurry and never worry." 
I think that I shall have to go back and read Charlotte's Web  in it's entirety.  Who knows what other nuggets of wisdom are waiting to be rediscovered.


  1. Such a true bit of wisdom as I hurry around between work, evening responsibilities and unexpected demands on my time. Tonight, I actually felt like I can't be stretched any more. Praying for strength from God. Thanks for sharing this today!

  2. So often there is wisdom in the classics that we have long forgotten. Thanks for a reminder to revisit these stories.

  3. I love Charlotte. I can hear her calming voice in my head~!

  4. Love it as I do all your posts...so beautifuly written...Julia

  5. Charlotte's Web is full of profound truths - one of my favorite lines is the closing line of the story: "It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both." What a legacy to leave behind! I strive to be both of those things in my life. The animated Charlotte's Web is charming and fun, but the version with Dakota Fanning is powerfully beautiful and moving (in spite of some somewhat questionable humor at times), and the credits at the end are a sweet reminder of slowing down and noticing what's around us. RJS